Manage a Lottery Syndicate? This is the app for you! Keep track of who’s paid for which game, email your members with a single tap, and best of all … scan your tickets and add them to your game for them to be automatically checked. Any winning tickets will have their prizes downloaded and each players winnings automatically calculated for you.

Features include:

• Create as many Syndicates as you manage (tip: you can create a Syndicate of 1 to manage your own personal tickets)
• Specify only the games that you play, and the days you play, and those upcoming draws will be automatically created for you
• Keep track of who has paid – and who hasn’t
• Email all of your non-paying members before a game to remind them to pay

And with a small one-time in-app purchase you can also:

• Scan the QR codes printed on your pink shop-bought National Lottery tickets to have them automatically added to your syndicate
• Your tickets are automatically checked and any prizes downloaded
• Email all of your paying members detailing their winnings

Lottery Syndicate Manager is not associated with The National Lottery or Camelot UK Lotteries Limited. It is your responsibility to check your tickets before discarding them.